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Transport and Logistics

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    Transport and Logistics

    H. P. Therkelsen’s transportation and logistics tasks are distributed between Scandinavia, import and export. Here you’ll find over 55 dispatchers and freight forwarders ready to make sure your products arrive safely and on time to your customers.


    We are in constant dialog with customers, drivers and partners and we make sure we always have the necessary transportation documents. 

    All tasks that H. P. Therkelsen performs are solved with with the help of our advanced IT systems. An example of this is our EDI integration that makes the whole process easier for all parties.

    Our tasks are solved using our state-of-the-art IT systems, such as EDI integration.


    More and more customers are choosing to outsource their logistics functions to H. P. Therkelsen. This can be, among other things: Preparation of forecasts, coordination of production units, scheduling, Inventory management, planning and ordering transportation and customs clearance.


    If there is any of this that we can help you with, please don’t hesitate don’t and call us today. 

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    For further information please contact:
    Sales import to Scandinavia

    Kim Moldt, Key Account Manager
    Phone: +45 7367 5111

    Sales export from Scandinavia

    Michael Olsson, Key Account Manager
    Phone: +45 7367 5152