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Around the clock, H. P. Therkelsen’s workshop staff and service partners are on standby, ready to respond to any problems with trucks or trailers throughout Europe.

It’s all about solving problems quickly and efficiently so that technical difficulties don’t affect your transport and cause delays for you.


H. P. Therkelsen’s workshop employs 12 people who service over 270 trucks and trailers.

The tasks range from everything from general service and maintenance, preparation for MOTs (Ministry Of Transport test) to painting, trailer repairs and tyre changes to fitting the communication equipment in the vehicles.


In addition to having its own workshop, H. P. Therkelsen also has its own car wash for our vehicles and trailers.


The car wash plays a major role in ensuring that we can comply with the strict requirements for food transport. Here, all trucks and trailers are washed both inside and out.

We use environmentally approved cleaning products to clean our trucks and trailers.

For further information please contact:
Mikael Liljegren,

Telephone: +457367 5166