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For generations, we have been dealing with the transport of foods.


For more than 100 years, H. P. Therkelsen has worked with the transport of temperature-sensitive goods and foodstuffs. That’s why over time, we have become a specialist in this field.

We take great pride in not just being a carrier, but a business partner where trust and mutual respect are highly valued.

With over 100 years of experience and with the help of our dedicated employees, we ensure that your goods reach your customers exactly as agreed.

We specialize in transporting everything from 1 carton to full loads, both in direct transport, but we can also combine this with warehousing services such as storage and picking and packing.

All our own trailers are temperature-controlled and we ensure that the goods arrive in an unbroken cold chain.

In addition, in our own trailers, we have the option of simultaneous transport with multiple temperatures and loading in double stock. 

For further information please contact:
Import / National Denmark

Kim Moldt, Key Account Manager
Phone: +45 7367 5111


Michael Olsson, Key Account Manager
Phone: +45 7367 5152