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Save time and resources - so you can focus on your customers

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    We’ll find the most suitable space for your products, whether in Denmark or elsewhere in Europe. This saves you time and resources, so you can provide extra service to your customers.

    We know the market and follow developments closely, which enables us to offer you the best 3 PL solution in the following business areas:

    • Warehouse management & storage.
    • Customs warehousing.
    • Order management.
    • Goods ordering, both internal and external.
    • All transport needs by road.

    Pick & Pack

    Our systems give us 100% traceability of the goods’ journey through the warehouse. Pick & pack can be controlled electronically according to optional principles, including. FIFO, FEFO and LIFO – and can also be controlled based on specific batch numbers.

    Furthermore, information on stock status etc. can be tailored to your needs and made available to you.


    We offer storage in our own temperature-controlled warehouses in Padborg, including:

    • storage in frost (-18) or refrigeration (+2 to +4).
    • storage that does not require temperature regulation.
    • storage of organic products.

    We perform visual inspection, temperature measurement and “first receiver inspection”. All stock movements are controlled electronically. Therefore, we can offer daily overviews of stored goods, as well as what movements there have been.

    Container emptying – Packaging

    We can offer the following services when we receive your containers at our terminal:

    • Checking, weighing and labelling of goods.
    • Sorting, foiling and palletising according to. your specifications.
    • Packing and storage of the goods.
    • Pick & Pack.
    For further information please contact:

    Jørgen Jonstrup, Terminal Manager
    Telephone: +457467 5184