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Third-party logistics

Save time and resources - so you can focus on your customers

Third-party logistics

We find the most appropriate location for your products, whether it’s in Denmark or elsewhere in Europe. In this way, H. P. Therkelsen can save you a lot of time and resources, and you can spend more time providing great service to your customers.


We know the market inside out, and we’re always keeping an eye on developments in the industry This enables us to offer you the best 3rd party logistics solution in these areas:

  • Warehouse management & warehousing.
  • Customs warehousing.
  • Order management.
  • Goods ordering, both internal and external.
  • All road transport needs.

Pick & Pack

Our warehouse systems give us 100% traceability of the movement of products in the warehouse.

Our pick & pack can be electronically controlled according to optional principles, including FIFO, FEFO or LIFO. In addition, it can also be controlled based on specific batch numbers.

We can therefore tailor information about stock status and other information to your needs and make it available to you.


H. P. Therkelsen has 8,400 m2 of storage space divided between refrigerated and frozen storage and 4,000 m2 of storage space for dry goods storage. We can therefore offer you to store your products with us until they are ready to be dispatched.

We can offer storage at:

  • Frozen (-18 degrees) or refrigerated (+2 to +4 degrees centigrade).
  • Storage that does not require temperature control.
  • Storage of organic products.

To ensure that everything is done according to the highest quality requirements, we continuously perform a visual inspection, temperature measurements and a “first recipient check” of your products.

All stock movements are managed electronically, and we can therefore offer you daily overviews of your stored goods and the movements that have taken place.

Container emptying – Packaging

When we receive your containers at our terminal in Padborg, we can offer you the following services:

  • Checking, weighing and labelling of goods.
  • Sorting, foiling and palletizing according to your specifications.
  • Packing and storage of goods.
  • Pick & Pack.
For further information please contact:

Jørgen Jonstrup, Terminal Manager
Telephone: +457467 5184